Max Bentley's Rusty Blades is a family based sales group that was formed by Max Bentley in 1993 after he decided to trade in nearly 20 years of corporate experience to focus on doing what he loves. The business has gradually grown to include his brother-in-law, Stan Hinkley and other family members throughout the years. Stan joined Max in the business in 1997 as a full partner after decades in pharmaceutical sales and management.


Our focus on a 12 state region in the Midwest has allowed us to expand to include several non-family sales associates as well. All of our reps build valuable relationships that earn customer loyalty and generate sales. We also have two office administrators available for customer support during the week.


As you can see from our vendor list, we focus on high quality and upscale country, vintage reproduction products, as well as some traditional companies. It is our belief in treating customers the proper way that helps us determine the lines we represent. Simply put, we feel that our sales and marketing efforts are only successful when it is built on a win-win-win principle. That means the customer, the vendor and the representative all benefit from the relationship. We pride ourselves on hard work each day, being out in front of customers and being upfront and professional with the vendors.


Although we do have a showroom at the Minneapolis Gift Mart and attend several others throughout the year, we consider ourselves road reps and road sales will always be our primary focus.